Colin Wright has presented at primary schools and universities around the world, businesses large and small, professional organizations and clubs, conferences like TEDx (four times), and summits like the SXSW/Mercedes-Benz Me Convention and the Latin American Social Media Conference.

He also tours regularly, speaking to groups of 20 and crowds of 2,000 at bookstores and theaters and event halls, solo and with other speakers and performers.

Colin brings his unique blend of experience, authority, and insight to bear when he speaks about topics related to intentional living, full-time travel, minimalism, news literacy, entrepreneurship, and podcasting.

The format of his presentation varies based on the event, topic, and audience: from keynote-length expositions to shorter, bite-sized talks; from weekend workshops to more extemporaneous Q&A sessions.

For answers to questions, to inquire about availability and speaking fees, or to get something on the calendar, please email colin@exilelifestyle.com.

"Colin has the ability to make you pause and think differently about your approach to each day. As a poised, wise and witty speaker, audiences of any kind will not be disappointed."

—Kelly Underell, Deputy Director, Colorado Innovation Network

Colin Wright speaking at the Office Group in London, photo by Kit Naidoo

Speaking at the Office Group in London (photo: Kit Naidoo).

"Colin Wright speaks with a vibrant passion, infusing his audience with both excitement and direction. A unique and worldly life path brings fascination, while a relatable Midwestern charm brings connection. I have seen Wright give talks on writing, travel, graphic design, minimalism, and more. Each time, I walked away feeling as though I had a new perspective on my own life...something to apply...something learned. I look forward to my next opportunity to see Wright speak."

—Carrie Koepke, Manager, Skylark Bookshop

Musician Skye Steele, authors Josh Wagner, Colin Wright, Joshua Fields Millburn, and Courtney Carver speaking at Weller Book Works for Wordtasting Tour. Photo by Rocío Briceño

Performing with Joshua Fields Millburn, Courtney Carver, Skye Steele, and Josh Wagner at Weller Book Works for the Wordtasting Tour.

“Colin was a great speaker option for us because students could relate to his story about his life and his passion for travel that he never knew he had until he started to live his dreams. Colin not only empowered students to travel, but to travel as an entrepreneur and live the minimalist lifestyle.”

—John Gradel, Assistant Director, Center for Global Engagement, Lock Haven University

Colin Wright at the SXSW Mercedes Benz Me Convention in Frankfurt

Post-talk interview at the 2017 SXSW/Mercedes-Benz Me Convention.

“In what has become a moderately noisy field, Minimalism and Simplicity, I found Colin’s work to be excellent, intriguing and above the rest. Colin has a strong command of the subjects that he speaks on, and I believe he would make an excellent addition for any organization working to present alternative lifestyles.”

—Scott Edwards, MeSimple Conference

Colin Wright speaking at the Iowa Tech Conference

Speaking about entrepreneurship at the I/OWA tech conference.

Colin Wright speaking at Third Place Books in Seattle, photo by Felicia Williams

On stage at Third Place Books in Seattle.