Howdy, I'm Colin Wright!

I'm a multidisciplinary maker-of-things.

I speak on all sorts of subjects, host several podcasts, write probably too much, experiment and learn in public, and travel a fair bit.

Author, speaker, and podcast host Colin Wright

Colin Wright. More photos of Colin.

I'm originally from California but grew up in Missouri. I'm 39-years-old, left-handed, and love cooking.

I write and speak on topics ranging from relationships to label theory. I've presented workshops on branding and taught classes on design. I've written books about curation and intentional living, and I've produced podcast episodes about gerontocracy, the politics of nuclear nonproliferation, and the economics of multi-layer ceramic capacitors.

In 2009, I uprooted my life in LA to travel full-time, and for the first seven years on the road I had my readers vote (every four months or so) on which country I would move to next.

In the years since, I've experimented with other non-standard travel and lifestyle setups, as well:

I fixed up and full-timed in a 33' 1985 Holiday Rambler Imperial motorhome (while on a 50-city speaking tour around North America), rode the rails around Europe for several months, tooks buses up and down the Americas, and even tried my hand at living in a few unfamiliar US cities for a spell (including Missoula, Wichita, and Memphis) to see what it would be like to receive mail and buy furniture after so many years of not doing such things (spoiler: it was weird, but I survived).

During the pandemic, I decided to set up a home base in the US from which to travel. I landed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I now have an apartment and enjoy the benefits of owning a bed and some bookshelves as I figure out the right balance of (on one hand) putting down roots and enjoying consistency in one place, and (on the other) popping back out into the world for travel-related adventures.

I have no idea where I'll end up next, but I'm enjoying the (to me) novel experience of being able to hold still when I feel like it, before grabbing my go-bag to set out on a last-minute roadtrip or train ride to (often) middle-of-nowhere, unfamiliar (to me) locales.

Wherever I am and whatever I'm doing, my ambition is to fill my life with wonderful people, fond memories, and regular, perspective-changing awe.

The red thread running through everything I do is a desire to expose myself to new ideas, people, and perspectives, and to live a productive and fulfilled life; the pursuit of which informs my work and helps me grow as a person.

I make the things I make because I can't not make them, and I'm fortunate to do what I love for a living and to share my ideas, questions, stories, flubs, awkward moments, tiny victories, and (both internal and external) explorations with so many wonderful people from around the world—and to have some of those folks share the same with me, in return.

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