For the past decade, I’ve been teaching others what I know, sometimes one-on-one, sometimes in small groups. I’ve recently started teaching larger workshops (20+ people), and find that I get the same satisfaction from teaching on a large scale as I do working on a more individual level.

I’ve taught and mentored on building an ideal/balanced lifestyle, long-term travel, design thinking, branding, and publishing. I could also be convinced to put together workshops (with durations ranging from a few hours to several weeks) on just about any other topic I know sufficiently well to teach.

Want more information? Have a question about my topics, fees, or whatever? Want to go ahead and book me for something? Shoot me an email and we’ll get you sorted.

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[span class=”size-6″]TEACHING A WORKSHOP[/span]
[span class=”size-6″]ON DESIGN THINKING[/span]
[span class=”size-6″]IN SANTIAGO, CHILE[/span]