This is an embarrassingly incomplete list of media appearances, interviews, and the like (I update it a few times a year).

For some recent video/TV appearances, see this YouTube playlist. For some of my recent talks, visit my speaking page.

How This 30-Year-Old Travels the World: Forbes Interview

Interview for Shift Magazine & The Next Web

Escape Artist Q&A with Colin Wright for Paste Magazine

Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank Podcast with Colin Wright — Valuable Friction

Podcast Interview on Unmistakable Creative

Colin Wright on Buzzfeed

Colin Wright on How We Work Now

Interview for Die Welt

The Intentional Life of a Minimalist

Podcast interview on Intrepid Times

Second Interview on Intentionally Wandering Podcast

Moving to a New Country Every Four Months Based On Your Votes

Interview on Twice Podcast

Colin Wright: Writer and Freedom Businesser

How to Create a Writing Career that Works for Your Lifestyle

The Mindful Creator Podcast: Consider Everything with Colin Wright

Writer’s Rough Draft Podcast with Colin Wright

Podcast Interview with Lisa Nicole Bell for Behind the Brilliance

Interview on View the Vibe

Interview with Think Mag

Interview on The Huffington Post

Colin Wright on Writing & Publishing at Wired Writers Guild

Video Interview on Search Engine Journal

Interview on the How to Quit Working Podcast

Interview on The Hound (Greyhound’s Blog)

Interview on Peika (in Bulgarian)

Interview on Young & Connected

Interview on Wand’rly

Podcast Interview on Smart and Simple Matters

Podcast Interview on BlogcastFM

Podcast Interview on The Mojo Radio Show

Podcast Interview with Colin Wright on Intentional Wandering

Interview on Radio New Zealand

Interview on Wanderlusting

Interview on Winning Edits

Interview on Next Level Guy

Interview on The Blog of Jason Lovett

Feature on Meeting Life

Interview on Impulse Flyer

Interview at IV Blogging

Interview at Witnessing Life

Interview on Gridlock Magazine

Guest Post on AOL Jobs

Podcast Interview on All-Desk

Interview on Idea Mensch

Interview on DODEQA

Podcast Interview on The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Podcast Interview on Gap Daemon

Interview on Purple Panda

Video Podcast Interview on Mixergy

Video Podcast Interview on Virtual Business Lifestyle

Interview on Income Scene

Guest Post on Escaping the 9 to 5

Interview on Media Bistro

Interview on Authopublisher

Guest Post on

Interview on The Uncommon Life

Video Podcast Interview with TripLingo

Video Interview with Ross Hill

Video Interview on The Minimalists

Podcast Interview on BlogcastFM

Video Podcast Interview on IntrepidTV

Interview on The Ephemeral Project

The Next Web Features Me, Says I’m Stylish

Feature on The Next Web About One of My Projects

Feature on The Next Web About Another One of My Projects

Interview on The Shed Project

Interview on Minimalist4Life

Interview on K-International

Interview on ARONetworking

Interview on Contino

Interview on Marketing by Deepak

Podcast Interview on Jet Set Life

Podcast Interview on VentureMixx

Interview on Pioneerosis

Interview on Breaking the 9 to 5 Jail

Podcast Interview on BlogcastFM

Interview on JetSetCitizen

Podcast Interview on Nomadic Chick

Interview on Just Creative Design

Interview on Cool Single CEO

Video Podcast Interview on Untemplater

Plus way, way too many more to list here. Google me for more.

Colin Wright in Mannlif magazine, Iceland
Mannlíf Magazine, Iceland

Colin Wright, Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists, Asymmetrical Press, Missoulian
The Missoulian, USA

Colin Wright in Séđ og Heyrt Magazine in Iceland
Séđ og Heyrt Magazine, Iceland

Colin Wright, Ryan Nicodemus, Joshua Fields Millburn, Asymmetrical Press
The Independent, USA