Pay My Rent Special


Each month, I take on exactly one project for $780.

This project will be design-related (logos, book covers, podcast branding) or design-adjacent (brand consultation). These are jobs that typically cost 2x-10x that price, so it’s quite the discount for the right project.

Send me an email to let me know what you have in mind and reserve your spot.


I truly enjoy doing design and brand work, and though I still do it periodically for my own projects, I want to introduce more of it back into my schedule with a little more regularity and variation.

Taking on one project per month at a substantially reduced price seems like a good way to do that while also giving me the opportunity to work with a larger diversity of clients.

It’s nice earning tens of thousands of dollars on projects, but doing so reduces the pool of people and companies who can afford the work. Such projects also take up a lot more of my time and mental bandwidth. I’m already doing a lot of stuff I love full-time, and this is an excuse to work on some different things, on the side, for people who probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford or justify the higher costs.

It’s a way to ensure I get to do more of the work I enjoy doing in a context that puts less focus on the money. But it also pays my rent for a month, which is nice.


I’m Colin Wright, and though today I primarily make my living by writing books, giving talks, and hosting a podcast, my background (and education) is in design and illustration.

I’ve worked as a pro designer and brander for about a decade, typically doing graphic work alongside the development or refinement of a particular brand.

I’ve done a lot of work for both big, established companies, and for smaller, up-and-coming individuals. I’ve given many talks on branding, and have taught classes on design.

Here’s some of the work I’ve done recently.


If you’re keen to hire me for a project, for which you’ll be charged $780 (the cost of my rent), send me an email with a description of what you’d like to have done, and let me know if there’s a deadline for when it needs to be completed.

This will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and if I already have a project for this month, I can work on your project next month if you get your name and information to me beforehand, and as long as your deadline allows for the wait.