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Let’s Know Things is a podcast in which Colin Wright puts current events into context.

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Show Notes

Episode 0 — Contextualism & China
Episode 1 — Free Speech
Episode 2 — Automation & AI
Episode 3 — Suburbia
Episode 4 — Big Data & the Apocalypse
Episode 5 — Shoulds & Ares
Episode 6 — Privilege
Episode 7 — Barbarians at the Gate
Episode 8 — Grays
Episode 9 — Interstitial 1
Episode 10 — Click
Episode 11 — Tourists
Episode 12 — Non-Human Intelligence
Episode 13 — Look Away
Episode 14 — Biases & Perception
Episode 15 — Cyberspace & Meatspace
Episode 16 — Problematic
Episode 17 — Population
Episode 18 — Colossal & Connected
Episode 19 — Magic That Works (October 5)
Episode 20 — Gods Among Men (October 12)
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