The Basics

I’m a professional author who starts and runs businesses and travels full-time. I also blog and design things and am interviewed a lot.

A full list of my in-print books can be found here. And this is my blog.

Colin Wright indie author entrepreneur full-time traveler blogger photo by Kurt Langer

About My Work

I’ve been a full-time author for over four years, and in that time I’ve made every effort to flex my creative muscles and play around with different genres, formats, and publishing processes. As a result, my portfolio of work is a bit all over the place, but there are a few red threads that run throughout, tying it all together.

One common theme you’ll find weaving through my words is that of optimism. As a rationalist and technology enthusiast, I see absolutely no reason to be anything but excited about the future, and that enthusiasm bleeds into my work, both fiction and nonfiction. I do try to show the threats and downsides of every opportunity, as well, but you’ll find that my work is almost universally upbeat, even regarding the bad stuff.

Another concept I focus on is that of relativism; personal, cultural, generational, and otherwise. As someone who travels full-time, I find that my ideas are constantly challenged, and my supposedly solid foundations are continuously rattled and cracked. I believe that keeping an open mind is vital for personal growth, and that being able to see a problem, a conflict, or whatever else from another person’s perspective is what leads to solutions that are sustainable and attainable, rather than slapdash and one-sided.

Finally, I enjoy pushing knowledge and perspectives out to a wide audience, which means telling stories that are at the same time rich with layers, but also accessible to those who may not read for fun very often. The idea is to strike a balance between the hardcore reading audience and those who prefer television, movies, the internet, and all the other media that are competing for their attention. Sometimes this is as simple as breaking a storyline up into episode of a digestible length (like I did with my A Tale of More series), and sometimes it’s simply a matter of ensuring the characters are endearing and the plotline gripping, spiking the stories with deeper meaning very subtly.

I also make it a point to ensure that my work is as easy to acquire as possible, for people of all ages, locations, and economic statuses. We live in a world of torrents — the post-Napster generation — and in my mind, it’s my responsibility as an author to make it worthwhile for readers to pick up my books rather than looking for pirated copies elsewhere. As such, I abide by the ‘coffee rule’ — most of my work is available for the price of a cup of coffee (or less, if you’re into the fancy drinks). Generally this means from $.99-2.99, though some of my work is also available free if you don’t mind reading it online. Even with that, if you do end up snagging a pirated copy somewhere, no worries — but do consider leaving a review for the book up on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever else makes sense for you; I’d very much appreciate it.

I’m thrilled as hell to be able to do what I love for a living, and to share ideas, characters, stories, and concepts with so many people. Everything I publish is produced because I can’t not make it; I love the words and ideas too much to keep them to myself.

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