A Quick Primer

I travel full-time, and have for about seven years. My readers typically vote on where I move, and I work from the road. I publish a twice-monthly newsletter.

I write books for a living, including:

I also host a YouTube series called Consider This, and a podcast called Let’s Know Things.

I speak on a variety of topics internationally, to large crowds and small audiences. I’ve spoken at four TEDx events, a Samsung product launch, many and diverse conferences, and more tour stops than I can count.

Some photos, some press clippings, my contact info (including social media links).

A Little More Information

Hello! I’m Colin Wright. I’m an author, international speaker, and full-time traveler.

I’ve written a few dozen books, spread out across both fiction and nonfiction. I co-founded Asymmetrical Press with my business partners, and I run a blog that brings in a few million readers a year.

Colin Wright author speaker traveler

I speak to groups from around the world on topics ranging from nonstandard lifestyles and relationships to authenticity in the reputation economy. I regularly speak about travel and minimalism, and increasingly have the chance to wax poetic about the future of the publishing industry. I’ve given four TEDx talks, spoken at universities and conferences and businesses of all sorts and sizes.

My lifestyle is oriented around travel and pursuing knowledge and new, interesting experiences. I travel full-time, regularly moving for a period of months to countries voted on by my readers, and in between those stays I do train trips through Europe, bus trips through South America, and book tours through the US. The core principle is to consistently challenge myself and expose myself to new ideas, all of which informs my work.

Author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler Colin Wright wearing a suit in Los Angeles, California

I went to school for design and illustration, and ran a branding studio in LA for a few years after graduating. After experiencing some financial success, I refocused my attention on being happier, healthier, and doing work I believe in. Shortly thereafter I got rid of everything I owned that didn’t fit into a carry-on bag and hit the road. That was in 2009, and remains the best decision I’ve ever made.

I wrote newspaper columns part-time from high school all the way through my university career, and started blogging while living in LA. Today, my books are how I make my living.

My work spans philosophical meanderings, explorations on digital curation, speculative science fiction series, and short stories about relationships. I write about travel, minimalism, business, and anything else that catches my attention, and to which I might have something valuable to add.

I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living, and to share my ideas, characters, stories, and questions with so many people. Everything I publish is produced because I can’t not make it; I love the words and concepts too much to keep them to myself.

Colin Wright, Ryan Nicodemus, Joshua Fields Millburn, Exile Lifestyle, Asymmetrical Press, The Minimalists, in Missoula, Montana

I’m active on social media, particularly Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapchatPeriscope, and Facebook. I see these platforms as additional tools in a person’s communication tool belt, optimized for certain types of storytelling or information sharing, and use them as such.

You can find my blog here, some photos of me here, and you can contact me here.

I send out a newsletter with blog-like content and updates a few times a month.

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