Hello! I’m Colin Wright. I’m an author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler.

I’ve written a few dozen books, spread out across both fiction and nonfiction. I co-founded Asymmetrical Press with my business partners. I run a blog that brings in a few million readers a year, and I move to a new country every four months, based on the votes of those readers. In between I give talks on topics ranging from nonstandard lifestyle choices to the future of the publishing industry.

I was born in Northern California and grew up in the Midwest. But for the past six years, I’ve been traveling full-time, living as much like a local as possible wherever I’m voted to go. I rent an apartment, shop at the grocery store, and learn as much as I can about what it means to be a local.

I went to school for design and illustration, and ran a branding studio in LA for a few years after graduating. After experiencing a level of financial success I hadn’t predicted, I refocused my attention on being happier, healthier, and doing work I believe in. Shortly thereafter, I got rid of everything I owned that didn’t fit into a carry-on bag and hit the road. That was in 2009, and I haven’t stopped since.

I wrote newspaper columns part-time from high school onward, and started blogging while living in LA. Today, my books are my main source of income. Books that range in topic from philosophical meanderings to speculative science fiction. From collections of short stories about relationships to instruction guides for social interaction and digital curation.

I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living, and to share my ideas, characters, stories, and questions with so many people. Everything I publish is produced because I can’t not make it; I love the words and concepts too much to keep them to myself.

author blogger traveler minimalist Colin Wright


I’m on the internets, particularly Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

You can find my blog here, some photos of me here, and can send me an email here.

I send out a newsletter with blog-like content and updates a few times a month, and I’ve got another that goes out about as frequently called Let’s Know Things, which contains links to interesting things.

author entrepreneur traveler minimalist Colin Wright

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